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Name:Dr. Kevin Morrow


Dr. Kevin Morrow is a self-proclaimed genius and visionary, and a mad scientist with a moral code, of sorts -- though that doesn't keep him from wanting to break the laws of nature, push the limits of what people think of as "humanity," and just overall do the equivalent of sticking the fork of science in the light socket of the universe.

He also quite likes explosions, weapons, the idea of becoming a cyborg, "artificial" intelligence, and robots. Especially Sterope, the robot he built. His only regret is that he didn't give Sterope missiles or anything like that.

Recently, he and Sterope have joined, or rather were made to join, the group known as "Supernatural Investigation Under the Purvue of the United States of America Under Doctrine 502B" (it has no acronym; he's taken to calling them Task Force X until they can figure something else out), in order to keep them out of trouble... or at least to keep them in reasonable amounts of official, government funded, necessary trouble. This might actually sort of work, as long as he's not left alone in his lab too often.

[Original character, PB is Stephen Merchant, mun and muse both over 21]
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